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Awareness allows you to unleash your innate power to succeed!

From poverty, abuse, addiction and depression to successful stock trader, entrepreneur and now leading Peak Performance Expert, and transformational coach for professionals.

Awake. Aware. Alive.

Now is the time for you to journey towards a life that is spectacular. Accumulate clarity on your exceptional power and elevate your achievements. Discover your life’s meaning for a more joyful, powerful and truthful existence, experienced with energy and purpose.

As a Peak Performance Expert, Chan Chaichalermpol will inspire, guide, coach and mentor you through a graceful awakening of spirit. Take voyage on this unique process towards the next level of your life, where you will gain the skills and tools necessary to achieve the extraordinary.

The magic is within you

Your path to freedom

Become a powerful being. Master your life.

Impact the world with a higher purpose.

I began my career as an entrepreneur when I was 18. I created, built and developed four successful businesses. Today, my mission is to reach out to as many people as possible in order to empower them to become the greater people that live within them. I speak, I teach, run workshops and hold retreats in beautiful places around the world with one purpose: to help professionals perform at their peak, and through achievement, find their higher purpose in life.”

Chan’s Story

A fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, Chan grew up in a poor and divorced home. As a child, he was constantly suppressed and punished, and at the age of 12 years old, he made the decision to leave his mother’s home. As he grew and developed, Chan’s experience with loss amplified through a pattern of instability. Addicted to gambling by the age of 24, he plunged into poverty and depression.

After a decade of introspection, self-healing and therapy, Chan discovered that he had the power to transform, implementing permanent changes within his life. As a result he achieved outstanding success as a stock market trader.

Upon developing an intense passion for inspiring others to lead a better life while harnessing the power of awareness and forgiveness, Chan became crystal clear about who he was and what he wanted. It was at this point that he uncovered the secrets to success and created a unique system for others to discover and reveal their inner greatness, permanently.

Workshops and Mentorship Programs

As a Higher Purpose Guide for Professionals, Chan is an expert in the code of human behavior. A highly acclaimed expert, coach and trainer in guiding others towards peak performance, Chan offers students workshops and mentorship programs over the periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. These workshops and programs help people understand who they are, who they can be, and what they can truly have.

Talks | Workshops | Retreats

Program 1

The way we work

Is not working
How clear are you about your different states of life?

What is the state of your current energy mode, the one you need to perform?

How strong is your influence on other people?

Do you know the importance of awareness?

How much is your current way of working costing you? How engaged are you really?

If you find yourself in ten years in the same place, will you take the same life decisions or would you have done things differently?

Program 2

How Attractive

Are you for others?
What do other people experience when they meet you?
This super tool is conceived to allow you to successfully evolve around people and stay in the game whatever conditions or obstacles arise.

The Contact Formula is the blueprint to connecting to people and rapidly establishing trust.

Your ability to communicate everywhere, anytime, to any person on any topic equals = WEALTH.

What is stopping you in acquiring and unlimited client base today?

Your ability to be visible is the key to impact more people!

Retreats Program

Peak Performance

Sometimes, you need to get away to find your purpose. Our daily lives just overtake us and we need distance from our routine and environment.

Once a year, I organize a 10-Day Retreat in the Island of Koh Chang. It’s one of the world’s truly beautiful locations, and an ideal place to reconnect with oneself.

During the retreat, we have the possibility to explore and discover our unique inner strengths, skills and talents.

We will have the time to build upon the knowledge we discover together and ensure significant life changes designed to enhance peak performance.

Expert Talk about Leadership

German Government Invitation
Berlin, Germany

Award Winning Coach

Germans #1 Empowering Coach for young Students
Berlin, Germany

The Ultimative Human Contact Formula Workshop

Your Fastest-Track To Yourself, One On One and Networking
Düsseldorf, Germany

Inspirational Workshop

Breakthrough Solutions for Entrepreneurs
London, England

Motivational Talk

Globus Company
Hamburg, Germany

Zeig was Du kannst” Students Graduates Celebration

10.000 young Students changed their Lives
Munich, Germany

It will be an honor to speak at your upcoming function

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